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Release with MER®



Have you ever felt stuck? In your emotions? In your thoughts? In your decisions?

Are you seeking ways to relieve stress, anxiety or fear?

The Mental Emotional Release (MER)® NLP Breakthrough Session is well known for being one of the most effective methods for creating quick, lasting change.

Release with MER® is a proven technique facilitated by Coach Dina. In these sessions the coach helps you uncover and liberate blocks in your mindset. This practice allows for shifts in behavior. The outcome is a feeling of freedom and willingness to move in the direction you desire.

The MER® session gives clients a strong foundation from which to work. Following the intial 6 hour session you will meet weekly with your coach for an additional 10 forty-five minute sessions to create lasting change.  

The Thrive Partnership, LLC

WHAT TO EXPECT with the MER® Process


Prior to our appointment: ​~You will choose an area of your life: Career, Money, Relationships, Personal life, Spiritual, Physical that you have a goal that you just cannot seem to accomplish~You will receive a release to sign from MAPS and myself as this is a form of Timeline Therapy that I am licensed to perform and I am required to carry insurance for.   

(Please note I cannot move forward without this release signed, If you have any questions please reach out to me asap: 404-316-0188) At the appointment: ​Please wear comfortable clothes and if we are meeting via zoom be in a private area where you will not be interrupted.  





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