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Release with MER®



Have you ever felt stuck? In your emotions? In your thoughts? In your decisions?

Are you seeking ways to relieve stress, anxiety or fear?

The Mental Emotional Release (MER)® NLP Breakthrough Session is well known for being one of the most effective methods for creating quick, lasting change.

Release with MER® is a proven technique facilitated by Coach Dina. In these sessions the coach helps you uncover and liberate blocks in your mindset. This practice allows for shifts in behavior. The outcome is a feeling of freedom and willingness to move in the direction you desire.

The MER® intensive 12-hour session gives clients a strong foundation from which to work. After you have completed MER®, other emotions or limited beliefs may appear. You can then partner with a MAPS Life or Performance Coach for other release work as needed and to integrate the new way of your thinking or feeling. 

The Thrive Partnership, LLC

WHAT TO EXPECT with the MER® Process


Prior to our appointment: ​~You will choose an area of your life: Career, Money, Relationships, Personal life, Spiritual, Physical that you have a goal that you just cannot seem to accomplish~You will receive a release to sign from MAPS and myself as this is a form of Timeline Therapy that I am licensed to perform and I am required to carry insurance for.   

(Please note I cannot move forward without this release signed, If you have any questions please reach out to me asap: 404-316-0188) At the appointment: ​Please wear comfortable clothes and if we are meeting via zoom be in a private area where you will not be interrupted.  





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